Cultural Geography Spring 2021 Earth Day Projects

Students in Cultural Geography read Jared Diamond's book Collapse. The book has case studies from previous and current cultures and civilizations that collapsed as a result of environmental, as well as other factors. Click on the links below to discover what happened to all these cultures and how to prevent a future collapse.

Jordyn Beard on
China's Potential for Collapse

Stephanie Fernandez Magallon
on Environmental Causes for Rwanda's Collapse

Linda Danley on
Environmental Causes for Rwanda's Collapse

Randy Hernandez on
The Agricultural Fall of the Maya Civilization

Nicolas Portwood on
The Classic Maya Collapse

Michael Mendiola on
Tikopia, New Guinea Island, and Japan

Hannah Weaver on
Norse Greenland

Tristyn Bailey on
Vikings and Iceland

Vanessa Lloyd on
Twilight on Easter Island

Jamal Briscoe on
Collapse of Easter Island

Veronica deYoung on

Click on this link to see presentation