Upgrades to 1Z Engine:
For the most part I decided not to go with the higher performance upgrades, such as a better turbo, 11mm ALH injection pump, stage 2 or 3 cam, etc.. Part of the reason was cost and part was that I was not looking to have a van that could pull a big trailer, only one that could carry 2 or 3 persons for a camping trip, or 4 or 5 persons in comfort, at 70 mph getting 30+ mpg. Obviously if you want a van that can do more, by all means go for it.

The two upgrades I did do:
1. For the injection system I upgraded the nozzles to Bosio Sprint 520's and had the injectors professionally serviced and balanced. $200 or so from IDParts.
2. I installed a Stage II Rocketchip in the ECU. Installation is a breeze - just open up the ECU, out the old, in with the new. $205 from Jeff at Rocketchip.

These two upgrades substantially increased the 'go power' of the TDI. I should have put it together stock, tried it, and then installed the upgrades, just to see how much actual difference I could feel, but I was too anxious to try it all out. Power throughout the range is great, IMO, and certainly better than the stock 5 cylinder gas engine. I can easily keep up with all traffic and have power to pass trucks and slower cars past 70 mph. 0 - 60 mph is xxxx, but more importantly, torque between 40 - 70 mph is excellent. As mentioned above, with the .658 5th gear replacement cruising at 70 at 2650 rpm, similar to the Passat but with plenty of punch left in it for hills or passing.