TDI Conversion Parts

Besides the parts that I kept from the Passat, there are a few extra things I needed to make the conversion happen from a Passat TDI to a Eurovan. I got all the following parts from Dutch Auto Parts in Holland (see note in transmission section for more details).

  • ABL (European T4/Eurovan TD engine) right engine bracket + engine mount - completely different than the Passat since there is no front engine-to-frame mount in the Eurovan
  • ABL Rear mounted dipstick (if you want a proper rear-mounted dipstick tube)
  • ABL lower timing belt cover (you can also modify your existing one if necessary)
  • ABL oil pan (important - need a deeper oil pan with a different shape to compensate for the fact that the engine is tilted 30 degrees forward relatively to how it is installed in the Passat
  • ABL new oil pump pickup tube - also important - longer and deeper pickup tube because of deeper oil pan.
  • I also bought a EWB transmission from Dutch Auto Parts. I ordered it in case I would have a second Eurovan project, though for this van I rebuilt and regeared the existing manual transmission (see Transmission and Linkage page for more info).

The price for all of this (including EWB 5 speed tranny), shipped via 3 day DHL express was less than $1700, which I thought was very reasonable.