other stuff that needed to be done on mine
-replaced a/c compressor, dryer, evaporator, condenser, (pretty much the entire a/c system!)

-flushed and bled brakes and check all lines; replaced rear brake cylinders and front rotors/pads

-front and rear alignment

-balanced tires

-hitch for bikes or extra storage box

-replaced burnt out instrument cluster lights

-put molded insulation around doors and front air intake

-ignition switch - replaced and bought a spare for next time it fails

-gauges: VDO boost gauge, oil pressure gauge, oil temp gauge. 
- a note on the oil pressure gauge - I tried an electric gauge first but my readings were very erratic - something about the electrical system interacting with the gauge, I assume, or perhaps a bad ground or power lead. I switched to a mechanical pressure gauge and everything was fixed.

-Scangauge II: I velcroed a Scangauge II on the blank cover above the climate control and wired it directly into the OBDII wiring behind the dash so the wiring would not be seen in front of the dash.

-LED headlights: I bought a
GENSSI 5000K LED Kit Headlight Conversion Kit from Amazon. They are a great improvement over the stock lights, without causing suffering and glare for oncoming drivers.